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If You Or Someone You Love Is Suffering With Candida Yeast-- Then This Is The Critical Information You Need To Know!

What I don't want to do is bore you with "medical mumbo jumbo" about this health problem...

And it is a major health problem.  Many experts have come forwards to say that upwards of 8 out of 10 people, many of whom are very "healthy" looking on the outside, are suffering inside from too much candida yeast fungus within their instestinal tract.  Let me quickly recap what most know about candida yeast--

  • We know candida yeast is a naturally occuring fungus within our bodies.  It's in our intestinal tracts from the time we're born and it will be there when we take our last breath.
  • This fungus is kept in check by the good bacteria that also inhabits our intestinal tract-- yes I said, "Good bacteria."  Hopefully you knew that not all bacteria is "bad."  And if not, then now you do!
  • For one reason or another the candida yeast fungus can start to grow in numbers.  There are several reasons that most expert agree on such as: The use of antibiotics, a diet rich in carbohydrates, too much stress in your day to day life and your own unique heredity.  There are a few less known reasons also such as the use of birth control pills, the use of steriods and it seems that a person's sexual partner can contribute to a candida yeast problem. 

Before you say, "Hold on now! I thought antibiotics are good?"

And the answer is, "Yes they are."  IF they are not over-used.  Which seems to be the case for many folks now a days.  They get a hang-nail, they go to their family doctor and he or she prescribes an antibiotic. 

You see, antibiotics go to work looking for and killing bacteria within the body. The problem is they are indescriminant in their of bacteria-- they'll kill both bad and good bacteria in the body-- good bacteria that helps keep your candida yeast population in check.

And once they are allowed to multiply, this fungus can be very difficult to get back under control. 

And what about carbohydrates?  They aren't just bad for your waistline-- they are the favorite menu item of candida yeast fungus.  The more carbs you eat, the more of a chance some of those carbs will be used to grow the fungus in your intestinal tract.

But you know what?  It's not really the candida yeast fungus that's the problem here... but something you won't find mentioned on many websites dedicated to this problem. Let me talk about termites for a moment...

Anyone that's dealt with termites knows it can often be some time before the damage they do becomes noticeable. Well it's the same way with candida yeast-- or should I say the 'toxins' given off from candida yeast.  Yes, I said 'toxins'.

You see it's not the candida yeast itself that seems to be the problem-- but the toxins created by the candida yeast.

It's like this all living organism eat and expel waste. Unfortunately for us we seem to be 'allergic' to the waste expelled by candida yeast.

And to make matters worse, experts report there are upwards of 79 different toxins associated with the different yeast fungi like candida.

As the candida yeast eat and expel their toxins as waste, these toxins circulate the body contributing to the various health issues we suffer with like:

Digestive problems
Oral thrush
Jock itch
Vaginal yeast infections
Skin rashes
Nail fungus
Chronic fatigue
Clouded thinking
Extreme weight gain
Extreme weight loss
Sinus problems
Food allergies

Some people may be more allergic to one type of toxin than another and that would help explain why everyone does not have the same issues.  Some may only have 1 or 2 issues-- others may have 6 or more.

Anything that can help cut down on the amount of candida yeast will help cut down on the amount of toxins that are circulating the body. 

But after dealing with 14,000 people over the last 3+ years I can tell you that it does take time.  Candida yeast are very stubborn-- they usually aren't beaten down easily.  Sometimes our eating habits (lots of carbs), our heredity (some of us are just "candida yeast making machines"), our high stress levels and possibly even our 'partners' are helping create candida yeast fungus at an incredible rate.

And once you have a candida yeast problem, then you have the job of getting it under control.

  • What's the most effective method?
  • How long does it take?
  • Should I change my diet?  And if I do, what can I eat?

These are some pretty important questions that I'll attempt to answer for you.  Again, after dealing with over 14,000 people, you get a pretty good handle on this whole candida yeast problem and how to best deal with it.  The challenge is that many people don't deal with it, or they don't deal with it effectively. 

But I ask you... what's the alternative?  A body potentially filled with toxins that are making our life miserable?  No thanks. 

Here are a couple useful sites to check out...

One is a very informative candida yeast forum: http://www.candidayeastthrushforum.com

The other is a site that offers some very helpful products for candida yeast sufferers: http://www.candida-yeast-problems.com

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